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"My family and I are so grateful that Cayman Travel offers a service that assists with the completion of the U.S. visa application process and also secures a date for the required interview at the Embassy. In previous years, I have gone online and completed the process for each family member to renew their visitor's visa and encountered much uncertainty with the wait time for the interview appointment.

Having to get student visas for both of my children in addition to the necessary SEVIS docs, Ms. Alicia was like an angel in disguise. I can't think of a better suited personality than hers to guide you through the process and lighten the 'journey'. She explains everything with much clarity and ensures that all your travel plans are in order.

We are delighted to have met someone like Ms. Alicia and we will certainly let people know about the excellent service that Cayman Travel offers.

Reneé Barnes


Renee Barnes  

"The service provided by Ms. Lennon and the team at Cayman Travel is without fault. Their patience, assistance and attention to detail with my often complicated travel arrangements has greatly reduced the time and stress associated with the entire travelling process.

Kind regards"

Jyoti Choi  

"I wanted to thank you for everything you did to make the trip to Jamaica so smooth. The hotel was a terrific choice and we really enjoyed the food at the restaurant. Very tasty cuisine and a good menu!! (We met one of the dining room staff who had worked in cayman for 9 years).

The appointment at embassy was around 1 hour, all documents were in order-thanks to you. I observed about half of people there being refused due to incorrect documentation. They were asked to return to whoever filled them out for corrections and to make another appointment.

The pick up yesterday was 5 minutes.

Again Alicia, many thanks for all that you did for this trip.

Kind regards"

Rene Soto  

"Travel should be an enjoyable experience, whether for business or pleasure. Cecile knows how to create trips that meet my wants and needs - from seating preferences, to layover times, to aircraft type, to price. I never have to stress about my travel bookings because knowing that they are in her hands allows me to rest easily.

Cecile always gives 100% to helping me get where I want to go, whether off island for vacation or to get back home after erupting volcanoes have snarled my existing travel plans. She is one of the best at what she does, and her dedication and ability to make everything happen the way I need it to has made a huge difference for me, both personally and professionally.

Cecile is my awesome travel agent and I highly recommend her to family, friends, business acquaintances, and you.

Warm regards"

Marzeta Bodden  

"I have been using Cayman Travel Services for over 20 years and even in this age of technology where so much of one's travel can be booked online, I continue to use them for all of my personal and business travel. Their attention to detail, knowledge of the incomprehensible smallprint associated with air travel and willingness to respond at all hours of the day and night gives me the service and comfort that I need when travelling."

Marc Thomas  

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