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Cayman Travel Services understands the importance of your privacy. We respect your trust in us and take appropriate measures to protect your information in every possible way. If you are just intending to surf through our products and services, we would generally not ask for any of your personal entries. If however, you are registering for any of our services or subscribing for any of our promotional documents, we would be asking for personal details. These details would not be used for any purpose other than for notifying you about our new products, inclusions, seasonal schemes and discounts. 

Collection of Information

We do not keep a record of any information of our users, unless we are requested to do so. We however, have cookies that track your preferences while browsing. The whole idea of using cookies is to enhance your experience while scanning through our services. You can however stop cookies from tracking down these details by changing your 'Cookies' settings. This apart, we also keep a track of your IP address to understand your online behavior, including how many times you have logged in as a registered user, how much time you have spent on our website, which page has fascinated you the most and the like. All these information threads help us in judging our own performance as a service provider.

When you choose to allow us to have your information like email ID, country of residence, name, age and phone number, we would take care to use them just for the purpose of updating you with our developments. If you choose to stop receiving updates from our side, and unsubscribe from our promotional materials, we stop maintaining the record of your personal stuff. 

Third Party

You might see a number of third party links on our website now, or in the future. Any information that we collect from you for our promotional purpose or for offering our services to you, would not be shared with any of the third parties present on our website. If however, you yourself part with your private details with these third parties, you do it at your own risk. We do not guarantee the protection of any information that you share with any third party link specified on our website.

Judicial Purposes

When law demands, however, we are bound to share your personal information with authorities. We will still ask for your permission before sharing any piece of personal information with any organization or body.

Note: It is recommended that you go through our terms and conditions page and our privacy policy page before you opt to use our services. Any usage or privacy dispute later on, would stand applicable to judicial procedures. The fact that you are entering your personal details in our forms and sign-up areas, would mean that you have gone through our privacy policy in its entirety and agree to it.