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Welcome to COSTA RICA

Life in Costa Rica is called “pura vida” – or pure life in English. This saying refers to the somewhat idyllic existence that can be achieved in this country, a nature lover’s paradise sometimes known as the Switzerland of Central America because of its comfortable lifestyle, stable democracy and awe-inspiring physical beauty.

Drawing 1.5 million visitors a year, Costa Rica is known for its wildlife – including howler monkeys and toucans – as well as its prime surfing locations.

Travelers can surf, hike, snorkel and spot wildlife – and that’s just for starters. The incredibly diverse topography means you can cruise the cloud forest one day, visit an active volcano the next, and finish by relaxing in the sun on a sandy beach.

Nature is venerated and protected in Costa Rica. Emerald rainforest, pastel-colored hummingbirds, smoldering volcanic peaks, and tumbling rivers make up this beautiful country. Located just north of the Equator, Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse spots on the planet with a stunning variety of landscapes, microclimates, and flora and fauna.

As well as being a world leader in eco-tourism, Costa Rica superbly caters for visitors looking for an adrenaline high, with options including whitewater rafting, zip line tours through the rainforest canopy, surfing the rough waves of the Pacific and quad biking.

Resort choices range from eco-lodges to high-end luxurious hotels, depending on your location. So whether you want to get right up close to the pura vida in Costa Rica, or take an air-conditioned break, the choice is yours.

Cayman Travel will help you enjoy Costa Rica like a real Tico, just ask.

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